Hybrid Battery Repair

Call Palmetto Battery Pro's for a FREE consultation on your vehicle's hybrid battery system.

The RED TRIANGLE OF DEATH doesn't have to cost you $3,000 or more with a high voltage battery repair

Before you spend thousands at the dealership to replace your existing battery pack or commit to a temporary fix from a mobile repairman, bring your hybrid by our shop for a FREE evaluation. Our service is far less expensive than replacing the entire battery pack at the dealership and far more in-depth than a mobile repair. We absolutely love helping our customers get 250,000+ miles out of their vehicle.

Refurbish your existing hybrid battery pack

Toyota Pruis high voltage battery. Toyota Prius ECU. Toyota Prius Panasonic 7.2 volt battery cell

Hybrid batteries are designed to operate at exact voltages.  Even a single bad battery cell can cause your hybrid system to malfunction. Palmetto Battery Pros can diagnose your vehicle and find a repair that fits your budget. All repairs are warrantied. 

Save Thousands $$$!

Toyota Prius High Voltage Battery installed. Repaired hybrid battery.

You typically have at least 3 options when it comes to hybrid battery issues. Call us for a free consultation.

Hybrid Battery Repair Options

Cell Replacement

  • Complete cell diagnosis
  • Bad cell replacement
  • Level Charge
  • Bus bar cleaning
  • Fan Cleaning

Starting at $599 (price depends on how many cells are replaced)

6 month warranty

Fully Refurbish Battery

  • Complete cell diagnosis
  • Replace all cells with refurbished cells
  • Level Charge
  • Replace bus bars and hardware
  • Fan Cleaning

Starting at $1,200 (price depends on vehicle make and model)

1 year warranty

Complete Battery Rebuild

  • Complete high voltage system diagnosis
  • Replace all cells with new Panasonic 7.2 Volt cells
  • Level Charge
  • Replace bus bars and hardware
  • Fan cleaning

Starting at $1,500 (price depends on vehicle make and model)

4 year warranty

Hybrid Customer Testimonials

Joe Mcgregor

 I had a outstanding experience with the gentleman at PBP. I took in my toyota camry to have the dead cells in the hybrid battery replaced. Turns out there was more issues than just the battery. They kept me updated every step of the way with exactly what was going on. I was expecting to recive a $1000+ bill, but they did everything for a super resonable price. I will continnue to use them , and will reccomend them to anyone who may need them. 


 Adam was super professional and helpful and the prices were very reasonable. Thanks! 

Joey Grob

 Great guys, fast service, great price repairing my Prius hybrid battery.  They did a great job of keeping me updated on what they were doing and when it would be ready - 1 day turnaround !  The car is back to it's good ol' self - no more red triangle of doom ! 

Jerry King

 Great service!