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Automotive Batteries

Palmetto Battery Pro's premium vehicle and automotive batteries.

Palmetto Battery Pro's premium vehicle batteries. Pricing depends on year, make and model of your vehicle *(includes core exchange). Call for pricing. (1-2 year hassle free warranty included)

Reconditioned Batteries

Reconditioned batteries come in automotive top post, side post and marine duel post.

  • $45 Reconditioned batteries*(with core exchange) 6 month warranty
  • $55 BLIM batteries, under 1 year old *(with core exchange) 1 year warranty

(DEALERS call for pricing)

Hybrid Battery Repair

Adam Chappell, owner of Palmetto Battery Pro's and experienced hybrid battery technician.

  • 1-2 bad cell replacement
  • 2-4 bad cell replacement 
  • Full cell replacement
  • High voltage battery installation
  • Fan cleaning - $50
  • Diagnosis code scan - $25

Marine Batteries

Palmetto Battery Pro's premium marine batteries, MegaStart marine and AC Delco Marine deep cycle bat

  • Palmetto Battery Pro's premium marine batteries
  • MegaStart marine batteries
  • AC Delco marine batteries

24 Cranking

24 Deep Cycle

27 Deep Cycle

31 Deep Cycle

Hawker Military Deep Cycle

Golf Cart Batteries

US Battery golf cart batteries. 6 volt, 8 volt and 12 volt batteries.

US Battery golf cart batteries. 

  • 6 volt
  • 8 volt
  • 12 volt 


Installation $25 (in-store)

Mobile Installation (call for quote)

Call for pricing

Battery Services

Doug Chappell (the old man), owner and customer service representative of Palmetto Battery Pro's.

  • Free Alternator Testing
  • Free Battery Testing
  • Free Battery Installation
  • Marine Installation - $90/hr
  • Golf Cart Installation - $25
  • Battery Charging - $15


Battery Removal & Disposal Services

DHEC approved lead collection and storage site

Palmetto Battery Pro's is the only DHEC approved battery (lead acid) collection point and storage site in the Charleston area. Our staff is trained in proper battery storage and transportation regulations/laws. We work with the best recycling businesses in the country to properly dispose of battery waste. Most types of batteries we will pay for by the pound and some types of batteries there may be a disposal fee per pound. If your business needs to properly dispose of battery waste give us a call for a free evaluation.

Recycling Partner: US LEAD

Palmetto Battery Pro's is proud to work with US Lead, Inc. in regards to battery disposal and recycling. Click the button below to visit the US Lead website. 

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